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December 2023 Update: Analyzing the Sales of American Eagle Bullion Coins

As 2023 draws to a close, we present an in-depth analysis of the U.S. Mint’s sales figures for American Eagle Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Buffalo coins. These insights, reflective of the market as of November 30th, are pivotal for understanding the current trends in the precious metals market.

2023 American Eagle Sales Totals Drawing from data reported by the U.S. Mint and detailed analysis from Coin World, we explore the Year-To-Date sales of various American Eagle coins:

Gold American Eagles

  • One oz.: 904,000 oz. (904,000 coins, +12,500 since 11/16/2023)
  • Half oz.: 50,500 oz. (101,000 coins, +1,000 since 11/16/2023)
  • Quarter oz.: 49,000 oz. (196,000 coins, +1,000 since 11/16/2023)
  • Tenth oz.: 66,000 oz. (660,000 coins, +1,000 since 11/16/2023)
  • Total: 1,069,500 oz. (1,861,000 coins, +15,500 since 11/16/2023)

Silver American Eagles

  • One oz.: 24,225,000 oz. (24,225,000 coins, +939,000 since 11/16/2023)

Platinum American Eagles

  • One oz.: 12,700 coins through October 2023, a significant decrease from 80,000 coins in 2022.

Gold American Buffaloes

  • One oz.: Sales of 364,500 coins in 2023, 10% less than the 405,500 coins sold in 2022.

Market Analysis This comprehensive data provides valuable insights into investor behavior and market trends. The increase in Gold and Silver American Eagle sales and the decline in Platinum American Eagles highlight the dynamic nature of the precious metals market.

Further Insights For a more detailed analysis of the November trends and a comparison with the current data, refer to our November Update.


The 2023 sales data for American Eagle bullion coins offer a nuanced picture of the precious metals market, showcasing diverse investor interests and market dynamics.

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This revised article includes the latest sales figures for various categories of American Eagle bullion coins, along with backlinks to the source data from Coin World and a reference to the previous month’s update on the Alex Lexington network.

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