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Alex First Venture

The day we knew she was the future was a morning during the pandemic. Alex had to goal to purchase a specific doll. She wanted a doll from a specific company and her let it be known that if she wanted it she would have to purchase it herself. During the pandemic her family moved into her grandparents house to make this difficult period easier for everyone. Her father heard her early one morning at 5 am in her room. He investigates and asks her what she’s doing up so early ? She says she’s opening a store. What follows is her first business meeting. He says what’s the plan ? She stats that she produced a few pieces of art and put together toys to raise money for the specific doll that she desired. At age 6 she starts her first unofficial business. It was that morning that the family knew she was an entrepreneur.

Alex using a loope at age 3

Alex first venture wasn’t necessarily a happy beginning story. So everyone wakes up and goes downstairs for breakfast. The time is around 9 am now. Alex hasn’t joined the family to eat so her father goes upstairs to investigate. She’s still at her desk siting quietly. He asks her “how’s it going ?”. She says she hasn’t sold anything and has no customers. Even though everyone in the house is family she still she’s them all as just customers which is a good mentally to have.

Teaching Moment

Meet your customers where they are. Even if you think that sale should be guaranteed.

In other words do you want to transport your store downstairs to the kitchen to meet your potential customers ? She says okay I’ll try.

Teaching Moment

Nothing beats a fail but a try.

She goes downstairs with her basket of goods. Enters the kitchen and like told announces that “She’s selling art and toys in anyone interested”. Her father was also her first customer at $10 for a green dodgeball. Alex made a few other sales that morning and raised about $60. Over the next few months she eventually met her goal. She didn’t follow through and purchase the doll. But her desire to operate the family business or her own business has never wavered since. A LEGACY of entrepreneurship will continue  either with the Alex Lexington business and or her own that is sure.

Alex using inspected gems at age 8
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