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Alex Of Alex Lexington Live on IG

So for the record Alex of Alex Lexington went live as an impromptu guest. The originally planned guest couldn’t make it and in real life fashion her father ended up with her and her brother Lexington in the shop anyway creating what was supposed to be a podcast test run. Since daddy had never done a live recording in social media before and has had no true following, testing out the process in real time seemed like a good idea at the time. Alex Lexington is truly family run and operated. We were not able to download the magic moment we what you see will forever live on the internet.

Please fast forward to about 3 mins in to about the -24:00 min mark before the chaos calms down. The video is adjusted about a minute in at around -26:00.

If you’ve read this far then you either are bored, you’re really interested in the success of our company, or you’re a parent yourself who knows what it’s like to run a business be a parent and get SH!T done.

Thank you and enjoy. Also spend some money with us because we’re really good at everything that we do. We’re the best kept secret in the precious metals, diamond, and jewelry business. Everything you see has been build and or designed by us literally. This site included.

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